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Alcoholism, It is like 'Killing Yourself to Live'.

by Click Metrocity

Posted on July 27, 2018 at 11:35 AM


Alcohol Addiction makes People 'Slave of Drunkenness'.

Alcoholism, don't feel It's a Legacy, people having misunderstanding that it's our culture so passing by one generation to another generation, We have seen in some families if parents are having driking habit then kids also start drinking aloholic drink. They are treating it like Legacy.

Alcoholism makes people habitual intoxication, and involves the inability to manage drinking habits. It's an Alcohol use disorder where a person feel like now i'm finished and he will see full darkness in the life, He or she may start losing interest in life too.

Alcohol use disorder is organized into three categories - Mild, Moderate and Severe.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

Dependence of Alcohol consumption will increase.

People will start thinking that without Alcohol i can't do anything.

Putting Alcohol above Personal Responsibilities

Behaviour will start changing

Start cut off Social Life

Alcoholism is slow poison:

We will finish this topic by suggesting you help the people, those are trap by Alcoholism, find out in which stage they are going on, Initially it's easy to control the habit of having alcoholic drinks. We should spread the awareness of it.

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