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Gobi Manchurian Recipe

by Click Metrocity

Posted on July 15, 2019 at 05:01 PM

Super delicious & Crispy Gobi Manchurian.

We will learn here how to make gobi manchurian, will discuss recipe with step by step so we can make a very delicious gobi manchurian. What i want to mention here cooking is not a big task only we have to prepare for it, Anybody Can Cook.

Gobi Manchurian: is an Indo Chinese food Dish, and popular cuisine all over the India too.

Ingredients required for Gobi Manchurian are: Cauliflower, Spring onion, Corn flour(corn starch), Wheat flour(Maida), Ginger-garlic paste, Soya sauce, Chilli sauce, Tomato sauce, Vineger, Vegitable Oil, Salt.

To make Gobi Manchurian: Step 1. Wash the Cauliflower gently and cut into medium size pieces. Step 2. Make a batter by mixing Corn flour(2 spoons), Wheat flour(2 spoons), Water, Little salt, it should be think only to stick out side chopped Cauliflower. Step 3. Mix chopped Cauliflower into batter and fry in oil, make it Crispy while frying. Step 4. Gravy making process, Take fry pan and add oil(2 spoons) make it hot and add Ginger-garlic paste, Soya sauce, Vineger, Chilli sauce, Tomato sauce, Salt(as per taste), Pour corn starch liquid paste(make it by adding 1 spoon corn starch in 4 spoon water), we are adding it to increase thickness of gravy, let in cook for 2 or 3 minuts. Step 5. Add fried Cauliflower in gravy and mix it well, now dry Gobi Manchurian is ready to serve. Step 6. Gobi Manchurian serving process, Put ready Gobi Manchurian into bowl or plate then garnish with spring onion leaf and coriander leaf(both should cut into small size pieces).

Serve Gobi Manchurian: Super delicious & Crispy Gobi Manchurian is ready to serve.

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