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Social Life In Metro Cities.

by Click Metrocity

Posted on August 07, 2018 at 04:05 PM

Metrocity Social Life

The facts of 'Social life in Metro City'.

When we talk about Social life in the metro cities then we will find a less bonding and less connectivity, In metrocities people are so busy in their daily routine, when we stop talking with someone or not in touch for longer automatically the distance will create between relationship. Due to weak bonding and attraction we behave just formal hi hello that's all.

Metro City Social Life's facts

Social media, use of facebook, whats app, Twitter, created distance in social relationship, this is called shrikage in Relatonships, responssible for less personal meetings.

Loose bonding in Relationship.

Jealousy, Greedy, Competition are main factors for less connectivity.

Expectations are more in return.

Very much Practical in playing a role of relative

Metro City Citizens became choosy, they invite only selected relatives or neighbours in social functions.

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We are human being, if we need food for body in same way we need social life too, The emptiness kills inside, may be we are different in nature, all having different perception regarding relationship but still something is there which allow us to share the things and unite each other, Bring together, that is know as Social Life.