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What Makes You Fit - Yoga Or Meditation

A knock for refreshing the knowledge of Healthiness.

Yoga : It's a Physical, Mental, and Spiritual practices.

If we read some ancient yoga book will come to know that it's 'Chitta Vriti Nirodhah' written in 'Patanjali's Yoga Sutras'. Don't stuck and distract in complex word, here we will talk about what makes you Fit - Yoga Or Meditation. First of all we have to identify what is our need, want to be only physically fit or mentally too.

Yoga is kind of Exercise and Practices.
Yoga Exercise
Steps of yoga are yama, niyama, aasana, pranayama, pratyahar, dhyana, dharana and samadhi.
To make ourself Healthy we should take care of our body, Physical exercise increases strength and flexibility of body. Healthy food gives nutrition.
Over all benefits of regular Exercise are Healthy Muscles, Bones, Heart and Lungs, you will feel more energetic and young.

Meditation : A peace of mind

It's an art of controlling your brain and others too. Regular practice of meditaion will make you more creative and Knowledgeable. The dimensions of thinking power will increase.

Process of Meditation: Search some noise free place and sit in relax position with straight posture, Switch off your brain by not thinking anything, just focus on your breath how it's coming and going, don't control your breath let it come by it's own way. To avoid coming thoughts in brain focusing on breath is the best way. More practice will get you in ''Nirmal Sthithi' that's called 'no thoughts in brain'. Next is what? we can't describe in words that will be your own experience.
Once you connect with your 'Soul' also called 'consciousness' you will find 'a different yourself', means except your physical body everything will change in you.
Benefits of Meditation : Stress Management, improves concentration, anti aging, self-awareness, spiritual benefit etc.

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