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The Celebration of Independence Day makes us Enthusiastic

A tribute to our Freedom Fighters

Indian Independence Day

Every year on 15th day in the month of August we are celebrating Indian Independence Day. It's a tribute to our Freedom Fighters for their sacrifices in making India Independent Country, It was on 15th August 1947 that India was declared independent from British colonialism and clutches & British Rules. We are celebrating it in honor of the birthday of the Nation.

72nd Independence Day of India - Wednesday, 15 August 2018
Independence Day
Our Independence gives us the reason to enjoy our fundamental rights laid down by the constitution.
We can express our Feeling towards nation, by celebrating Independence Day in multiple ways.
Youth of India giving honour to freedom fighters by making tricolour Tattoos on face or hand, This is also a new Trend and modern style of Celebrating National Festival.
Everywhere in the India like Offices, Schools, Colleges all are putting their effort to make it memorable day.
Being as a Indian we are feeling proud that staying in such a colourful country, our culture may vary, our religion may vary but unitedly we called 'Indian'.

Freedom fighters endured severe struggle in order to achieve the nation's freedom, and we should honour to our legendary freedom fighters. Celibrating this day shows love and affections for our motherland. 'Jay Hind' 'Jay Bharat' 'Vande Mataram'.