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How to get Verified on Alexa

Submit your website and Get Verified on Alexa for free.

How to Submit and Verify your Website on Alexa?

Alexa is a very popular competitive brilliant tool that tells you about your website traffic data and website ranking, it shows Global Rank and Country Rank in which your website is most clicked. It works as a powerful tool in ranking web traffic. This tool works very well in determining if your site stands among the top rankings. If your website is good at Alexa ranking then it shows more valuable your website is and it increases value of your domain.

Visit and simply download the Alexa toolbar. It has a search function which shows the ranking as well or you can add alexa toolbar extension to your browser to check any website's ranking. With this toolbar you can also track website average load time and similar sites and Alexa shows various ranking factors like Global rank, Country based rank, search term query and many more details that are important to judge a website. There is always a competition in between alexa ranking of sites. There are so many other tools also availabe but I believe like many other website ranking tool, Alexa is one of the standards and we have to make sure that we get good listing and ranking on Alexa.

Submit & Verify Website or Blog to Alexa

Follow these steps to Submit & Verify Website/Blog to Alexa:

  • First of all create an Alexa account on
  • You can create your account manually or you can login with your Facebook account.
  • I will recommend you to create a new custom account as you can mannage multiple websites and it will be much easier to mannage.
Get Verified on Alexa

  • When you click on certify your site's metrics, as shown in above image, it will open a pop-up which says:

    Certified Site Metrics are metrics that are directly-measured from the website instead of estimated. The website owner has installed an Alexa Certify Code on the pages of their site and chosen to show the metrics publicly.

    For the website owner Certified Metrics provide:

    • A more accurate Alexa Rank
    • A private metrics Dashboard for On-Site Analytics
    • The ability to publish unique visitor and pageview counts if desired

    Certified Metrics are available with all Alexa Pro plans.

  • Then click on View Plans and Pricing.
  • On next page click on TRY 14 DAYS FREE to create free Alexa Account.
  • While you are creating your free account you will be asked to link your PayPal account to start subscription after 14 days.
  • So what you need to do, add your PayPal account to create free 14 days Alexa account and Once your account is created.
  • You will see three option to verify your site ownership.
Submit and Verify Website to Alexa
Verify your site ownership with one of these options.
  • After verification process your website will be listed on Alexa.
  • And you can cancel your Alexa subscription anytime in the period of 14 days free trial.
  • You will not be charged any amount from but make sure, your subscription is canceled properly.
  • You can check it by visiting to Alexa account setting, you will see manage plans and you can cancel your subscription, after that a pop-up will be displayed for "successfully canceled".
  • In this way you can Submit and Verify your website or Blog to Alexa for free.

You can also submit your website information on as shown below:

Add Website to Alexa

Simply you can Add website logo, Description, and two page links of your website. So people can find your website easily.

Submission of a website on Alexa is a very important for the good performance of any website. In todays time, Alexa is recommended as the best tool for website ranking and it is the most preferred site if someone wants to know the insights of a particular website. Generally, Alexa picks a domain name by itself, but if you submit your website to it manually and claim to the website ownership, then you are getting the power to add some more details.