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17 July 2018

Click Metrocity

Offers for You

Click Metrocity is an Online platform to display digital content like Blog, Forum, Article, Business Directory ( Metrocity-Database Management) free business listing, to show your presence in the competitive market. We are also engaging in promotional activities doing advertising campaign.

Listed below are the services, which we are proving you in the form of offers, grab the opportunity because it's basis on first come first serve, once saturation will reach you won't be able to get things in such a manner or might be it will come to you with some additional cost.

  • Free Blogging
  • If you love blogging or having an idea to start your own Blog, 'Click Metrocity Blog' is the our blog publishing platform. You contact us with content, we will publish it free of cost, now you will say some blogger site also doing same thing, but now understand the difference, there you will get platform to display and your Blog will disappear in Blog crowd, why to choose Click Metrocity Blog because once you publish your blog here we will promote your blog by seo tools, Visibility always matters.

  • Free Sub Domain
  • We are using Parent Domain '' once you finalize to publish your blog we will create sub domain on parent domain, example:, it's free, you can choose email id too.

  • Free Web Hosting
  • If you are good enough in technical knowledge, We will provide you FTP account details to upload your Blog at website sub domain or you may get our help in publishing your own Blog.

  • Free Business Listing
  • Our main focus is at metropolitan city area, We are Developing or Designing a Search engine in the form of Business Directory ('Click Metrocity-Database Management') once it will become Live you can use it for listing your Business.

  • Free Article Publishing
  • We always appreciate creative tallent, your most welcome in article writing and article publishing, If you want to spread your creativity, use our online platform.

We are always trying to provide you better services in meantime, for more info or any query please write us email or you can submit contact form, Thanks for visit here.