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Business and Technology

New era Business and Technology

  • Admin
  • 14 May 2018

If we see the History of Business revolution, will come to know the fact that it changes with time, we always looking for better resources for advancement and to increase the productivity. In new trend of business, Technology is basic need of business to survive in competitive world, or we can say its a back bone without it an organization can't stand......

Indian Foods

Indian Foods and Crunchy Recipes

  • Pooja
  • 08 May 2018

Indian food always more likeable compare to Continental food beacause of it's Sizzling Taste, In Indian recipes we use specific spice for different kind of specific taste, Indian spices contains a natural oil for unique taste. If talk about Indian food more than hundred Dishes are there, all are diffrent from each other and unique in taste also, famous in perticular region...

Fashion Trends

Revolving Fashion Trends

  • Nanny
  • 02 June 2018

Fashion and style both are look similar but having a thin gap in thier meaning, Fashion is set of sytle that makes you different from others, It changes with time that's why we are saying it's revolving, If you are saying yourself stylish it means representing yourself how you look, what you wear, it comes in clothing, Makeup, footwear etc....

Indian Tourism

Incredible Hot Spots of Tourism

  • Priyanka
  • 05 June 2018

Whenever we are free or especially in Holidays, we look for special place to visit and we know that India is full of Incredible Tourism, In India so many kind of tourism places are there, mixture of all full green or desert, Heritage places or King's palaces, we have so much choice, Travelling in India is very easy & Comfortable, we can make our trips so memorable........

Investment Tricks

Fast growing Investment Tricks

  • Subham
  • 07 June 2018

Putting our money to make it multiple is good idea but Investment always bear certain kind of risk, In new era of Business, Investment patterns also changing, financial companies are coming into market with daily different kind of investment options, now investing is easy and we have multiple choices, we can make money based on our risk bearing capacity and availability of fund..........